Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Toy

Babies love music. For them, music is relaxing and funny. But when they can control it, things get even better. That is why Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Toy is a perfect choice for your little one.
This toy plays classical masterpieces in a baby-friendly version, so your cutie becomes familiarized with Mozart, Rossini, Chopin and Vivaldi from an early age. The idea is to promote music appreciation, but also auditory development.


A baby version for a classic MP3 player, the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes allows your baby to choose from 7 classical songs. The toy features an easy to grasp handle, a large press button for selecting the melodies and also joyful dancing lights on the screen. There is also a volume control.


You can take this toy anywhere and provide you baby high-quality entertainment. Because of the music-light coordination, the toy encourages hand-eye coordination, so it is also an educative toy.


The playlist of Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Toy is: Serenade No. 13, Nocturne No. 6 and Piano Sonata by Mozart; Waltz in GB Op. 70 by Chopin; The Four Seasons- Spring and Summer by Vivaldi; William Tell Overture by Rossini.

Sep 05, 2011 | Category: 0 - 2 Years | Comments: none