Brilliant Basics Baby`s First Blocks

A very appreciated baby toy, Brilliant Basics Baby`s First Blocks are colorful, fun and educative. The joyful shapes are really fascinating for babies and in the same time they have many development benefits for your little one.

First of all, the Brilliant Basics Baby`s First Blocks consist of ten bold colored blocks. Your baby will be very happy to sort them, fill the bucket with them, drop them out then start all over again. This simple game will help your baby develop many early skills.


There are five different shape-sorting lids so that your baby can match every block shape. As all 10 blocks can fit inside the bucket, this toy is perfect for take-along.

Playing with this toy will help your baby to recognize and sort colors and shapes. The intriguing shapes and attractive colors will also encourage your baby to look for other creative ways to play with the blocks. The eye-hand coordination is enhanced by placing the blocks in the right lid. Sorting the blocks is also helpful for the finger and hand dexterity.

As you can see, you have many reasons to choose Brilliant Basics Baby`s First Blocks for your little one. It is fun, but in the same time useful for your baby`s skill development.

Brilliant Basics Baby`s First Blocks Pictures

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