Crayola 200-Piece Masterworks Art Case

Children are creative, so you should provide everything it takes to make them express their imagination. This is an extremely important thing to do at this early age, because their development depends on what they experienced while young.


In order to let them freely express their creativity, you can consider the Crayola 200-Piece Masterworks Art Case. This wooden art case contains almost everything your kids want so that they create real masterpieces.


The Crayola 200-Piece Masterworks Art Case includes:

  • 72 crayons
  • 24 Pipsqueak skinny markers
  • 25 short colored pencils
  • 16 oil pastels
  • 50 supertips
  • a pair of neon green safety scissors
  • a container of 1.25oz school glue
  • 1 tube of glitter glue
  • 1 paint brush
  • an 8-count watercolor tray
  • 1 sharpener.

The multiple choices give kids endless possibilities and combinations. They will surely do not get bored with Crayola 200-Piece Masterworks Art Case! All these items can be used in an educative way, too. For example, kids with verbal difficulties can find it as a way of better communication. Children can also exercise their school skills by making flashcard.

Oct 16, 2011 | Category: 5+ Years | Comments: none