First Act Discovery Jr. Drum Set – Silver

It is time to rock! The First Act Discovery Jr. Drum Set – Silver is perfect for your kid`s musical debut. Not only it develops your child`s love for music, but it also encourages self-expression and develops many other abilities.


The First Act Discovery Jr. Drum Set – Silver features bass drum with California foot pedal, wooden drumsticks, cymbal, tom drum, snare drum, and tuning key. As you can see, there are all the elements of authentic drums, but they come in a suitable size for kids. Moreover, the set has the Color & Shape Learning Guide which helps kids learn faster and better how to play the drums.
Music has an essential role in your kid`s development, because it stimulates the brain and brings a lot of intellectual, emotional, and physical improvements. Studies say that children who play an instrument have better academic results.

Playing music increase self-confidence, promotes creativity and imagination, enhances abstract reasoning skills, improves hand-eye coordination and sense of rhythm, but also strengthens self-discipline. In the same time, social interaction is also promoted, as music increases relationships with the others.

The First Act Discovery Jr. Drum Set – Silver is a great choice which brings your kid many valuable benefits.

Dec 11, 2011 | Category: 5+ Years | Comments: none