Fisher Price Medical Kit

When we are young we dream about becoming pilots, ballerinas, inventors, truck drivers, astronauts, and… doctors. We imagined all kind of situations when our help was needed and we were very proud when we managed to solve the problem. Imagination has no limit, so we could be anybody.

The Fisher Price Medical Kit makes your kid ready for treating any medical emergency. This kit is perfect for great role-play with Mom or Dad, so do not hesitate to consider it when it is about your kid`s joy.This Medical Kit features a working stethoscope, a seek-to-well thermometer, a blood pressure cuff, a pretend stethoscope, a bracelet style bandage and a play syringe.


The stethoscope is a real one, so your kid can listen the patient`s actual heartbeat. This will surely make him or her fell like real doctors! The blood-pressure cuff can fit adult patients and the spinning gauge goes around and round when pumping. The sick-to-well thermometer shows the kid if the patient`s health is improving as a result of the prescribed treatment. And as for the spring-loaded syringe, let`s hope there is not the case for using it. Cute role-plays can begin with the Fisher Price Medical Kit. And if your child doesn’t seem to prefer playing doctor, then there are numerous other profession-play kits out there that you can get for them. For example, some kids gardening tools may reveal talents and passions in your children that you didn’t know were there. Moreover, involving children into adult activities can be a great opportunity for bonding, but also for teaching them the value of work well done, and the rewards one gets when something gets accomplished. So, whether you will buy them kids gardening tools or medical kits, they are sure to gain from it.

Fisher Price Medical Kit Pictures

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