Grow-to-Pro Pogo Stick

Physical activity is very important for kids to grow harmoniously. Being active is good for your kid`s health. There are many interesting and fun activities for your child to enjoy and pogo is one of them.

The updated version of a classic, the Grow-to Pro Pogo Stick makes pogo excitement available to 5 years old kids. Because of the extra-big base, beginners can learn easier how to balance. When they master the move correctly and they gained enough confidence, the base can be removed and they are ready to bounce around all day long.


The sure-grip handles are suitable for small hands, while the secure foothold consists of very wide foot pedals which are skid resistant and make it easy for kids to remain on the stick. The Grow-to Pro Pogo Stick has an internal spring mechanism that provides 3″ to 5″ bouncing.

The Grow-to Pro Pogo Stick makes pogo fun available for kids up to 60 lbs. It is advisable to also buy a helmet and pads for your kid`s security.

Grow-to-Pro Pogo Stick Pictures

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