Imaginarium Glitter Suite Dollhouse

The extravagant Imagiarium Glitter Suite Dollhouse is the coolest place for any girl`s dolls. This huge dollhouse is all about luxurious lifestyle, with three floors featuring modern rooms and a functional elevator.

The three levels comprise 4 rooms of open space which can be decorated with 11 pieces of furniture. The function elevator takes dolls very fast from the bedroom to the kitchen, while the large windows offer a complete view from different angles. There is also a curving staircase for access to the second and third floor. Each room has detailed backgrounds and there is even a palm tree to decorate the patio.


Imagiarium Glitter Suite Dollhouse is made for any up to12″ fashion doll and the dimensions are: 33.5 inches Long x 12 inches Wide x 46 inches High and Weight: 26.5 lbs. Because of its large dimension, more kids can play in the same time. The wooden construction makes it stable.

The dollhouse has detailed assembly instructions. There are small parts, so it is not for children under 3 years old because of the choking hazard.

Imaginarium Glitter Suite Dollhouse Pictures

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