Imaginarium Wooden Block Set

Helping your child’s development between the ages of two and five is essential, because this is when most of the information very useful in life is embedded in his mind. This is when children learn to speak well, they learn to walk well, ask questions, and, most of all, their imagination runs wild. If you feed that imagination from a very young age, their intelligence and skills will be much advantaged later on in life. It is the age when children’s minds learn to make connections, to use certain tools, and they become perfected as tiny human beings.

Imaginarium Wooden Block Set Imaginarium Wooden Block Set Pictures

This is why it’s very important to help them any way you can, with games, toys, activities and so on. A very helpful, but fun toy for children from 2 to 5 years old is the Imaginarium Wooden Block Set – 75-piece, a classical toy in fact. This type of construction toy has existed for many, many years now, but manufacturers never stopped making it because it is so helpful for children in their developmental stages. Made from 75 colorful wooden blocks of various shapes and sizes, the Imaginarium Wooden Block Set – 75-piece helps children use their imagination and built all sorts of structures, from houses to castles, bridges, schools, and many others.

The blocks are made from wood, like we said, so that the children find them easy to grab and hold and manipulate as they wish. The 38 colorful blocks and 37 natural ones can only stir their imagination further, into creating structures adults wouldn’t even think of. Moreover, the different shapes help children with shape recognition, an important step in their development. They will be helped in this endeavor by the lid of the storage bin, which features shape-sorters where the children can introduce the blocks. The six different shapes of the Imaginarium Wooden Block Set – 75-piece will allow them to create wonderful constructions and play in combination with other toys, as well.

What’s truly wonderful about the Imaginarium Wooden Block Set – 75-piece is that it can be used by more than one child at a time, so that they can learn how to interact with each other, how to be motivated, how to assert their needs and how to react to other people’s needs. So don’t hesitate to purchase this stimulating toy set if you want to help your children have a beautiful development; and if you think 75 pieces is not enough, you can always purchase two sets, or the larger, 150-piece set that is also available.

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