Lego Castle Medieval Market Village (10193)

Compliment your Lego castle with this classic medieval village with marketplace. The authentic buildings with detailed interiors along with the other fun accessories and animals are perfect for expanding your kingdom. Moreover, the peasants and knights who populate the market village also offer a realistic touch.


The 1601-piece set includes buildings measuring over 5 inches (19cm) tall and over 9 inches (22cm) long when open wide. You can play inside the 2 two-story buildings, as they feature a hinge system that gives you the possibility to open and close them.


The blue building is a classic European building with a tavern on the first floor and a cozy bedroom above. On the other hand, the yellow building features stables, the blacksmith’s shop and his home upstairs. The waterwheel-driven hammer helps the blacksmith forging the swords for the knights.


Lego Castle Medieval Market Village
includes 8 mini-figures: 2 soldiers, 2 male peasants, 2 female peasants, a boy and a blacksmith, but also other items such as a tree, table, food stand, cart, duck, rooster, cows and more.

The authentic style is enhanced by the realistic interior and exterior details such as pictures on the walls, fireplaces in the bedrooms, dressing tables, working doors and windows.

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