LEGO Friends Olivia’s House (3315)

Toys and games are essential in the early developmental stages of children, which is why they must be allowed as much free time as possible. Certain recent studies have shown that nowadays parents and schools put too much pressure on children, crowding them with too many activities; another factor influencing the way children develop is their – sometimes – unrestricted access to television, computers, and other multimedia devices which contort their views on what is important and what isn’t. This is why we recommend you invest in other types of toys and objects for your children, such that allow them to develop their imagination on their own, without being biased by outside influences. Many wonderful toys of this kind are being offered by LEGO, a manufacturer that has a well-established position in the field of toy-making.

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Today we are going to present you the LEGO Friends Olivia’s House (3315), a very complex and interactive toy with a multitude of activities that children can enjoy. As the name suggests, the main part of the toy is a house, where four characters live: Olivia, her mother Anna, her father Peter and their cat named Kitty. The four figurines are very well-made and they are fully articulated, allowing children to position them as they please: sitting at the table, in front of the TV, holding different objects and so on. The LEGO Friends Olivia’s House (3315) is suitable for any child 6 years and older and, while it may seem more like a girl’s toy, it can actually be used by both girls and boys.

The main advantage of the LEGO Friends Olivia’s House (3315) is that it can be used in combination with other toys as well, such as extra LEGO figurines that your child may own. The house has a kitchen, a bedroom, bathroom, living room, a rooftop patio, a barbecue and an outdoor table. Thus, it allows children to mimic the activities adults do and familiarize themselves with them, including with objects which are normally found in the house, and learn their names. The LEGO Friends Olivia’s House (3315) has a sectioned design, which means it can be opened so that the children can see and fully take advantage of the interior.

Thus, they can play with miniature objects like a sink, toilet, couch, vanity, coffee table chairs, TV, refrigerator, and many other accessories for the figurines, so that the fun never ends and there are always new activities to try!

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