Nintendo DS Lite Handheld Gaming System – Cobalt/Black

The high-powered handheld video game system Nintendo DS Lite comes in a sleek folding design, taking you to a new gaming dimension. The lower touch screen gives the possibility to play and control the game like never before. With brighter color screens, this game system comes with a lot of other improved features, so get ready to discover and enjoy them all!


There are many improvements from the original. The Nintendo DS Lite is smaller and 20 percent lighter than its predecessor. The two screens are bright and can be adapted to four different levels, according to the lighting conditions, but also to save battery power. The microphone is placed in the center of the unit, while the LED lights show if the unit is open r not.


The Nintendo DS Lite stylus slides into a side storage slot, but in the same time it is 1 millimeter thicker and 1 centimeter longer than the original version. The Start and Stop buttons are now repositioned in order to make access easier. When not in use, the cartridge slot is protected by the remover cover.


The built-in wireless mode makes it possible to share games, chat or play with other players on-line using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. With the Nintendo DS Lite, you can play all 3-D rendered Nintendo DS games and Game Boy!

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