Nintendo DSi Handheld Gaming System – Pink

Interactive features, sleek folding design and a new dimension of fun. Meet the Nintendo DSi Handheld Gaming System – Pink! You will never get enough of playing with sounds, photos, thrilling downloadable content, along with the complete Nintendo DS game library. Moreover, online playing is more accessible with the wireless function.

The box includes Nintendo DSi System, Nintendo DSi AC Adapter, Nintendo DSi Stylus (2), Easy Start Guide, Manuals (Basic & Controls) and Support Booklet.


Nintendo DSi Handheld Gaming System – Pink
has 2 ultra-bright LCD screens that make the action double. The bottom screen features touch screen technology and you can use the included stylus to lead your way.

Make the best out of the 2 built-in cameras and 10 interactive lenses using the Nintendo DSi Camera, as you can capture the world in a new and exciting way. Use the built-in microphone for spoken indications for the game.

You can play with people all around the world only by connecting through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Use this feature also to download other games via the Nintendo Channel. The Nintenfo DSi Sound allows you to record and play with your voice and also add it fun filters. Applications such as PictoChat, Flipnote Studio or DSiWare are also waiting to be discovered.

Nintendo DSi Handheld Gaming System – Pink Pictures

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