Spy Gear Radio Control Spy Video TRAKR Vehicle

The Spy Video TRAKR by Wild Planet is a remote-controlled vehicle with digital transmission and cool compact robotic design.

You can think about the right strategy after you have spied the enemy territory with the built-in adjustable camera and microphone. The TRAKR features stealth wheel treads, so it can move with no problem across a large variety of surfaces. The low-profile design makes it easy to cheap the enemy`s radar. You can record audio onto the TRAKR and play it when you want to surprise and distract your targets.


The Wild Planet Spy Video TRAKR transmits live color video, audio and data with the 2.4GHz digital RF transmission. The full-color LCD screen along with the speaker which is embedded in the remote allows you to see and hear what is happening with the TRAKR at every moment. You can activate the Night Vision for spying in the dark, or use the Cyborg Vision for monitoring your targets through high-tech features (speedometer, crosshairs, and a spy compass).

You can use automatic navigation for programming the TRAKR. The Path Mapper option memorizes and retraces mission routes. The memory can be expanded with any standard SD or SDHC card.

Using the USB cable, you can connect online so you can create, download and share custom programs and applications. System requirements: Mac OSX, Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7; USB port

Spy Gear Radio Control Spy Video TRAKR Vehicle Pictures

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