Step 2 LifeStyle Gourmet Café Kitchen

Kids like to pretend they are grownups, so do not deny them this pleasure. Both girls and boys will enjoy pretending they are cooking the best meal ever. Still, do not they use your kitchen, but their kitchen – the Step 2 LifeStyle Gourmet Café Kitchen.


Your kids will feel like veritable chefs playing with the Step 2 LifeStyle Gourmet Café Kitchen. This realistic all-in-one kitchen is perfect for preparing delicious meals. The modern style, the realistic cooking noises and all the imaginative accessories will offer kids a lifelike play experience.


The stove`s front burner comes with a special pot and pan that activate realistic cooking noises such as boiling and frying sounds. This makes the cooking even more fun!

The genuine experience is enhanced by the modern style of the Gourmet Café Kitchen, as the refrigerator, oven, coffee pot and stove top are very realistic, created in a cozy French country style.


The dual-sided design of the kitchen makes possible playing with friends. Kids can hang utensils and cups on the hooks of the open window. Because of its design, the Step 2 LifeStyle Gourmet Café Kitchen promotes cooking and serving play, building cooperative learning abilities.

The kitchen also features storage and sink area, play phone, and many imaginative cooking accessories.

Nov 11, 2011 | Category: 2 - 4 Years | Comments: none