Venom Snake Eye Micro Sports Cam

Whether you want to attach it to your dirt bike or use it when you do bungee jumping, the Venom Snake Eye Micro Sports Cam will record every instant of your exciting experience.

Being about the size of an AA battery, this cam is perfect for recording everything that crosses your mind. The compact Venom Snake Eye Micro DV Cam weights 50g, but its 2 GB Micro SD Memory Card can record more than 80 minutes. If you want more, you can use also up to 8GB, meaning 320 minutes of video.


The built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 2 hours, while in standby mode it lasts 250 hours. You can charge the battery also through the USB port of your computer.

The 2 megapixels Micro Sport Cam uses a 620×480 pixels resolution and records in. AVI video format at 25 frames per second. The high speed recording is complimented with quick light response. The view angle is 72 degrees.

The camera is easy to operate. Just press the record button and start the action! There is also the possibility for sound activated recording.

The set comes with a lot features that makes it easier to install it everywhere: silicone case with safety strap, snap-on clip for belts or pockets, tilting magnetized mount, tilting helmet or handle bar mount, elastic head band, Velcro arm band and many others.

Venom Snake Eye Micro Sports Cam Pictures

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