Vtech Learning Laptop

The Vtech Learning Laptop is very similar to a real laptop computer, so kids love it because of this authentic look. Through its 40 different activities, the laptop teaches kids letters, English, spelling, geometry, math and music.

The compact laptop features a real mouse and flashing light-up buttons making learning more fun. The 4-directional colorful touch pad along with the QWERTY keyboard makes the laptop look like a real one, so kids can have an authentic experience. The quiz-show style games are activated by the 4 light-up input keys, while there is a fun interface for showing the activity list.


The VTech Learning Laptop can be personalized with your child`s name and it can be switched to 2-player mode for sharing the experience with friends.

The built-in Learning Progress System monitors the kid`s performance and automatically modifies skill levels in order to enhance knowledge but also confidence. All the age-appropriate preprogrammed lessons are designed to help kids learn easier basic and important concepts for their level of knowledge.

Vtech Learning Laptop Pictures

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